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this page will contian various peices of art done by chriz.
one must have permission from chriz to use any of this art(uhh like you'd want to anywayz). thankz.

(click the thumbnails to view entire pic)
This was just a lil sketch I drew in the car on the way home from Sean's. It's sort of a self-portrait, only because I'm not creative enough to think up an original character.

This was my first ever attempt at drawing anime. I've been told by several people that this one look like an Aeris rip-off. Well, thats probably because I used Aeris as a model. Cut me some slack, peepz, it was my first try! =/

Another anime self-portrait. This one is, by far, my favorite piece to date. Though I know there is definately room for improvement, I'm really proud of it. ^_^

This I drew for my sister, it's actually supposed to be her(and pregnant as you can see). Its just for the cover of a compilation cd she is burning, but I like it hehe.

This is a character I made up, based on an old av from palace. I'm in the process of coloring it in, and someday I'll post the colored one, which will look much cooler.=

this is my best to date. I drew Madrox and Monoxide with oil pastels on brown construction paper..

More to come soon.