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Maple Hill Cemetery in Clarion

This graveyard is located in the small community of Clarion. It's really not very large, but I believe it to be very active, spiritually.

There is definetely something going on at the top if the steep hill in the center of the cemetery.

One of the most terrifying ghost hunts I ever went on took place at this cemetery. It was almost a year ago but it yeilded one of the most amazing photos I've ever seen. I'd never been to this place before, nor had anyone else in our group, and though our expectations were high, we were not dissapointed. The night was clear and it wasn't quite cold enough for our breath to be visible. Making our way up the steep hill in the center of the cemetery, Cory and Gary began to snap photos, and the first one is the scariest I've ever seen! You can check those pictures out here,Maple Hill, late Nov.1999.
Photos from Friday the 13th, Oct 2000 can be found right here,Maple Hill, 10-13-2000.
I took this photo just the other day. Check out the strange way the grass is growing on the hill! It looks as though the earth had been recently dug up..

The thing I cant figure out, though is that the only grave near the funky grass, was put there 45 years ago.

All photos on this page taken 10-11-2000 by Chris Hawkins.

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