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Maple Hill Cemetery in Clarion - Friday 13, October 2000

The photos are large and may take a while to load, but PLEASE be patient, it's worth the wait!
The 2 track leading up the hill, many orbs.

Large and small orbs.

Bright and pale orbs around a large pine tree.

LOTS of orbs on the hill.

Even more orbs.

Bright and pale orbs on top of the hill.

Orbs and a swirling mist on top the hill.

More orbs and a slight trace of the mist(streaking left side of pic).


Large pale orbs, small ones too.

More pale orbs.

4 small but bright orbs in the tree.

Large fuzzy orbs.

I turn around and snap a pic of the others, an orb follows each of them.

Some more orbs, check out that bright blue one.

Jeremy poses between the trees, with 5 orbs.

Yikes! What IS this?? Looks like a mist fell suddenly around me. The picture before and after this one were both clear and empty.

All Photos on this page taken by Chris H.