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the ghost at Jessie's house

Recently, I shared an experience with my friends that I know we won't soon forget. Jessie, who recently moved into a new home, told us that she believed the place was haunted by a spirit. According to her, the spirit would pace up and down the hallway at 3am and again at 5. I spent the night at her place and heard for myself what she was talking about. The footsteps started at the far end of the hall and made their way through the kitchen to stop at the edge of the carpet in the living room. Creepy...

About a week later, (Tuesday, March 21)I was invited over to her house again, along with our friend Gary, and his girlfriend Laura. I was also asked to bring an Ouija board, which I did. Alot of weird and creepy shit happened, and if you want to read about it, click here. The spirit that we contacted on the board told us that he was the entity that resided in the house, but I believe that we were being lied to. A spirit doesn't HAVE to tell the truth on an Ouija board, they can be very unpredictable, and this is why they are so dangerous. One week later(Tuesday, March 28), the 4 of us stayed the night in the house again, just hanging out and watching movies. There was no sign of activity throughout the night and after a while, one by one, Gary, Laura, and Jessie fell asleep. I couldn't fall asleep no matter what I did, and so I stayed awake all night. Come about 7am, I felt the temperature drop sharply, and I began to hear the usual noises, thumping and bumping about the kitchen. I promptly woke Jessie up and we took the following photos.

Please keep in mind that no one was smoking(they werent even awake!), the room was clear, and I did not see these images until these pictures were developed.

this swirling mist looks like it's trying to take shape.

the mist is in the kitchen, too.

it's hard to see, but it looks kind of like a dog's head to me.

swirls and loops above Gary's head, he's still asleep!

As time passed, the sounds got fewer and far between. We even began to wonder if this "ghost" decided to leave, or if it even really did exist! On April 26, We stayed up trying to speak to the entity, and we did get him to come into the kitchen for a breif visit, but there was nothing more heard from it since. However, there was a strange, bird-like shadow that had been lurking around the house. The first time I saw it, it was late that night, probably 2 or 3am, I was leaving the house and I saw a reflection on the glass of the door, a bit like a dark streak that flew right behind me through the room. I then proceeded out the door and coming down the front steps, I was dive-bombed by seemingly the same thing, and I got slightly freaked out. I thought maybe it was a bat, but it went right through a solid tree and also through a parked car. Jessie says that she witnesses the same bird-thing in the bathroom. She was just sitting there when this shadow danced slowly back and forth between her and the wall. Tuesday, May 2, Gary, Laura, David, and I went over to hang out at Jessie's, and we stayed the night. Throughout the course of the evening, we heard nothing, and felt nothing. After Laura, David, and Jessie went to sleep, Gary started taking various pictures around the house.

Notice the orb at the top near the right corner? It could be nothing...But what is it? We went over there again on May 3, and it was nearing dusk. As I was just walking in the door, I dropped my bag and keys to the floor, and I saw that same bird-shadow, but the way it was cast, something had to have flown by behind me, and the light from the open door was just enough to make the shadow.

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