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Jenny's Photos: A New Site and Maple Hill - November 4, 2000

We started out at a small cemetery we had never been to before off of Country Club Rd. Chris poses for a picture, and a thick beam of light shines down next to her. Just FYI, this light was not visible to anyone during to taking of the pic!

Jen photographs Dave photographing her, an orange streak loops around him.

Next stop, Maple Hill Cemetery. On top of the hill, Jen captures some mist and a looped streak.

Another shot of those weird streaks at the top of the hill.

Whoa!! A closeup of bright streaks!

I included this pic to prove that those streaks are actually something being photographed and not a camera error. Look, they go out of focus along with everything else!

Heading back down the hill, a creepy thick mist looms behind Dave.

Chris poses for another shot near a small stone bewteen 2 tall shrubs. Another mysterious light shines brightly toward Jen. It's way too bright to be a reflection from the flash, not to mention the fact that shrubs don't reflect light! Again no one saw this light during the time the photograph was snapped.

More looping streaks. Check out how they follow each other...weird.

Even more of those streaks.