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Maple Hill Cemetery in Clarion - late November 1999

The photos are large and may take a while to load, but PLEASE be patient, it's worth the wait!
Check out this thick mist! There's no way it can be breath or smoke, look at how granulated it is! You can see lost of shapes and figures in this photo, many of them look human.

More of the granulated mists. Do you see anything taking shape in this photo?

Making our way back down around the other side of the hill, we crossed the flat, lower section of the cemetery, snapping more photos at will. Laura poses for a photo, and more of that strange mist swirls above her in the tree branches.

Clarion has orbs, too..

More orbs, notice the large one looks like it's in motion..

More orbs...

After this hunt, we went back to Gary and Laura's house and viewed the pics on his tv (digicams just kick ass like that) and were amazed at what we saw. Gary, Laura and Cory went back to Clarion the next day and took these photos.
Ahhh, another beautiful day in the graveyard...

Do you see the large black figure in the center of the photo? We aren't sure who/what that IS exactly, but we KNOW it wasn't there before, or now. Creepy....

All Photos on this page taken by Gary P. or Cory P.