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Elmwood Cemetery (Maxwell)

I remember the first time I ever went out "ghost hunting." Gary had invited David and I to go late one November night. Before we left, he showed us some photos he and his brothers had taken on previous outings, and I got really excited. We went to several graveyards in that one evening. The first two were dissapointingly uneventful, but considering they were both right in town on busy roads, and regularly attended, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. However, the last cemetary we visited that night was, as I recall, at the end of a long winding stretch of road (later, I found out we had taken the very long, scenic route) and as we entered the gates, I got a sudden feeling of foreboding and uneasiness. We were at Elmwood Cemetery, nicknamed "Maxwell" by Gary and friends because most of the deceased bore that family name. Another thing I noticed, though there were several recent graves, a lot were turn-of-the-century, and most of the inhabitants were under 25. This cemetery seemed very active to me, even though this was my first time out hunting, I felt forces swirling around me and I know they weren't of this world. I did not like being there and was quite ready to go before most of the others. You can find the photos from this outing, along with some comments here,Maxwell, mid Nov.1999. Since that visit, I returned to that cemetery once by daylight to make sure I knew the way. But due to the fact that Gary and Laura moved away, my ghost hunting days went on hiatus. Finally, I made my way back to Maxwell, tagging along with Jen and her friends - AND toting along my new digital camera! Those pitures can be found here,Maxwell, 10-13-2000.

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