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Entities at My House?

The following photos where taken in and around my house. Please excuse the mess, I'm a bit of a slob ;)
Josh and Star pose for a photo, and are joined by several orbs!

Star lays on the ground in an alcoholic haze, surrounded by tiny orbs and mist.

Star, Josh, and I grin like psychos for the camera, and an orb sits on my cheek!

3 orbs chilling out by my cat.

I count 9 orbs in this picture. Grey seems to be staring at one.

3 more orbs with Grey on the futon.

"Hey orbs, care to pose for a picture?" Is it the same 9 from before?

I count 8 orbs posing for a picture, upstairs in the living room with my mom and Lexus.

A couple of orbs out by Dave's car.

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