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Often times, people offer an explanation for the phenomena in our photos, labeling them as snow, dust, moisture, etc. Before we go on hunts, we make sure to check for any of these obstacles, in order to ensure to the pictures we take are really unexplained phenomena, and not weather, or camera malfunctions. If it was raining, snowing, foggy, windy, or any of the like, we dont take pictures. Therefore, we can be absolutely sure that what we've got on film is the real McCoy! However, because you all weren't there to verify the weather during our shoots, we offer this collection of non-paranormal photos that are easily confused with the real thing, for you to compare with our shots. After studying these, we think you'll agree that our pictures are genuine. Feel free to disagree with us, however, for everyone has their OWN opinions ;-)

Not a ghost!