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We used the Ouija Board at Jessie's house

Making ourselves comfortable on the living room floor, we attempted to contact the spirit who resided in the house by the use of an Ouija Board. Instead, we found ourselves communicating with an entity who called himself "Colonel Adam". The Colonel told us that he was(will be?) born in the year 2030, and that he was speaking with us from the comfort of his own home. When we asked him about the spirit in the house, he told us that although he could not communicate with it, he knew that it was a ghost(when asked, he defined ghost as "dead") and that it was also sad.

After a break of a bit more than an hour, we started up on the board again. After a slow start, we made contact with another entity. This one, it seemed, could not communicate with the ease that the Colonel did, for most of what we recieved was a jumbled mess of letters and numbers. However, upon asking this spirit if they were the one who resided in the house, we recieved a "YES". Jessie then reminded us that it seemed the spirit never came into the livingroom, but rather stopped at the edge of the kitchen, and that perhaps if we moved in there with the board, we might get a better stronger connection. The spirit indicated "YES". A bit creeped out by all this, we decided to take another little break, working up the balls to leave the sanctity of the living room.

After a few minutes, it seemed that our ghost friend had become impatient, because the footsteps came down the hall and into the kitchen, and the entire room temperature dropped about 15 to 20. He was waiting for us. Upon moving into the kitchen, communication with the presence improved, but we still couldn't quite understand what he was trying to tell us. So we asked simple questions first. Who are you? "H". Do you mean us any harm? "NO". Is there anything we can do to help you? "YES. Z..C...ME". How old were you when you died? "17". It suddenly occured to me that I knew who he was. A boy I went to highschool with who had died in a tragic accident at the age of 17. I called out his name, and the board replied "YES". I realized that the person who lived in this same house before Jessie moved in was this ghost's best friend in life. I asked if his being here had to do with that friend. "YES". He called you here? "YES". He then repeated himself several times "Z..C..ME..." but we weren't quite sure what he was trying to say. What is Z? "FYI..Z..IZ..CHRIS". And you know that I was practically pissing myself... "Z..C..ME....U..C..ME..." You want to show yourself to us? "YES". If you show yourself, will that set you free from this house? "YES". Will you show yourself tonight? "YES". Soon? "NO...6". 6am? "YES". It was only 4:30. We then asked him if he minded us moving back into the living room, he didn't. So back we went, and we took another break.

Gary then told us that he didn't care to participate in the witnessing of this ghost, so he went to sleep on the couch. Jessie and I stayed up and waited with our hands planted on the board. At about 5:45, the board asked us "R..U..READY"? And we prepared ourselves. Come 6, we called out to him, saying that it was time for him to show himself. At that moment, Gary stiffened up and began trembling furiously. Jessie tried to wake him up, but he wouldn't. I was afraid he was having a seizure or something, and we turned to help him, but Jessie said that one of us should be watching the hallway for the ghost. So I did, while she continued to try waking Gary. I called out again for the ghost, and Gary began shaking violently and kicking, too. Jessie asked the ghost if he was inside of Gary and Gary mumbled something of a response in a deep unnatural voice. Jessie then said in a stern voice that it was time for the spirit to leave. Gary let out a huge sigh, and went still. We we tried to wake him again, he responded as if he had been in a deep sleep. Upon questioning, Gary told us that he dreamed he was awake with us and watched the ghost come down the hallway, through the kitchen, across the living room, and out the window behind us.

P.S. after 2 weeks of freaking out and trying every trick we knew to try and "cleanse" the house, we realized that whoever/whatever it was we talked to was taking us for a ride. If you plan on messing with Ouija boards, please remember that the entities you talk to don't necessarily tell the truth.

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