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Let it be known that all information listed on the following page are, in fact, various hypothesis made by us, based on information put forth by experts in this field, things we have witnessed and recorded ourselves, and our own beliefs, experiences, and such. Feel free to disagree with us, for everyone has their OWN opinions ;-)

Orbs, by physical appearance, are spheres of light. They go from opaque and milky to nearly clear. They are white, blue, red, yellow, purple, and probably just about any other color. They move quickly in irregular patterns, bobbing up and down, and sometimes swerving around objects. Orbs are everywhere, from cemeteries to schools, houses to your work place, if you go there, they probably do, too. Orbs are manifestation of a human spirit, and as the most commonly found and recorded type, it is probably the easiest form for spirits to take.

Mist, often referred to as ectoplasm or ectoplasmic mist, is another form spirits take. Like orbs, mist appears in a variety of colors and textures. Some mists are thin and whispy, others look thick and almost chunky, with colors rangeing from red to yellow to white to black, and more. The mist is the second most common type of phenomena and probably takes more energy to spread itself out then it would to form an orb.

Lights is a vague category, mainly a "catch all" for any phenomena with light-energy characteristics. Light energy comes in several different forms, bright colorful "strings", actual "flash" type lights, and miscellaneous other "stuff". The strings are believed by some to be actual orbs, caught in motion, or "supercharged orbs". Others think it may be an altogether different type of energy. Still, others believe it not to be any type of paranormal energy at all, but shutter delays or overexposed film, though highly unlikely.

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