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The Photographers

All photos posted on this site have been taken by these individuals unless otherwise noted.

Chriz H.(me)- many of the photos on this site are ones taken by me, because it's my site, and one of my hobbies. I use an Olympus D-340R digital camera for most photos, and once in a while, a cheapo one time use camera. I also carry a Sony Handycam CCD-TR818 with NightShot, on which I've captured several orbs in motion!
contact me at

Jenny F.- some of the weirdest (not to mention coolest) pictures on this site to date are ones taken by Jenny with her Cannon Rebel X SLR camera. The Rebel X doesn't seem to pick up conventional orbs, but instead, stripes and strings of light energy! She also uses a Kodak Advantix 600 on occasion.
contact Jen at

Gary P.- most of the early photos on this site were taken by Gary (or his brother Cory) on a digital camera. I'm happy to say that Gary has been able to join us on recent outings, and gets awesome results with both his Sony CyberShot and my Olympus.
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Dave B.- though few and far between, *grin* there are some photos on this site taken by Dave. All of them were taken with his Kodak Advantix 4700.
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Jordan G.- there are a few interesting pictures posted that were taken by Jordan, all of which were from a cheap one time use camera.

Jessie B.- though I have yet to post a photo taken by Jessie, I'm sure you'll be seeing them soon. She goes on hunts with us from time to time, and sooner or later, she'll lend me some of hers pics to scan for the page. =)

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