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The Sites

These are the various sites my friends and I visit and where the photos are taken. All sites are in northwestern Michigan.

Elmwood Cemetery (Maxwell)- the first time I ever went out "ghost hunting," Gary had invited Dave and I to go with him late one November night. This cemetery was, as I recall, at the end of a long winding stretch of road leading southeast of Petoskey(later, I found out specifically where we went) and as we entered the gates, I got a sudden feeling of foreboding and uneasiness. We were at Elmwood Cemetery, nicknamed "Maxwell" by Gary and friends because most of the deceased bore that family name and also because it is located on Maxwell Rd. Another thing I noticed, though there were several recent graves, a lot were around 100 years old, and most of the deceased were under 25.
Photos taken at Elmwood Cemetery

Maple Hill Cemetery- This graveyard is located in the small community of Clarion, near Walloon. It's really not very large, but I believe it to be very active, spiritually. A great deal of the photos on this site are from this cemetery because it's one of our favorites to visit. Not only is it centrally located, but we always seem to get a good turnout. The top of the steep hill in the center of the cemetery is a definate hot spot.
Photos taken at Maple Hill Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery- This is one of the largest cemeteries in the area (nearly 5 sqare miles!) and it's right in town(Petoskey), which means not only is it still being used, but quite often, too. It isn't one of my favorite places to hunt, not only because it's right in town and highly traversed, but also because it closes right at dusk, making it complicated to spend much time there after dark without getting yourself into trouble. However, Jenny took some awesome pictures there and so, it's on the list.
Photos taken at Greenwood Cemetery

Dunkard Cemetery- There's a tiny cemetery surrounded by woods on Country Club Rd.(slightly north of Clarion) that we visited recently. I don't know much about the place, but I've got photos from there posted, so....
Photos taken at Dunkard Cemetery

Saint Francis Cemetery (K of C)- This small Catholic graveyard is directly next door to the Knights of Columbus hall, hence the nickname K of C (or KFC). It's right across from the fairgrounds in Petoskey and there are street lamps all around it, so it's not particularly one of the best places for hunting, but we have some amazing photos from this site so...
Photos taken at Saint Francis Cemetery

North Bay Cemetery- This tiny graveyard is located in Bay Township, about 3 miles south of US 31, near Bay Shore. Though we've visited it several times with no results, a recent trip produced many playful orbs. The photos are posted on the page below.
Photos taken at North Bay Cemetery

Jessie's House- Jessie lives in a trailer in the Boyne Falls area, but I won't go into specifics for the sake of her personal privacy. She believes that her home is haunted and we have a few photos posted that prove she may be right.
Photos taken at Jessie's house

Jenny's House- Jenny lives in the Clarion area. When we stop there after some hunts, it seems that orbs like to follow us.
Photos taken at Jenny's house

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